Friday, October 22, 2010

Here it goes...

So, this is my first blog! I'm so excited! I have been scrapbooking for almost 10 years and since then I have come a long way. My first "stash" consisted of a 10X10 post bound album, a bunch of card stock, a few gel pens, some stickers and a whole lot of pictures! I cut each piece of paper and glued it into my book (yikes!) and put the pictures and stickers in any order that felt good to me. Today, I'm in the process of getting a whole room to put my stash in because there is just too much stuff for my bedroom! I  have upgraded from those handful of items to more advanced tools such as my much-loved cricut and, most recently, stamps and ink...just to name a few. I really enjoy scrapbooking the most and have also upgraded from that 10X10 post bound book to 12X12 sleeved albums...which is sooooooo much better!! Way less cutting the paper to fit!!

So, for my first post I decided to show you exactly how far I have come by posting a couple of my first pages ever done as well as a few more recent pages...see if you can tell tell the difference! HAHA!

Here's my very first scrapbook page! It is of my baby shower for my first born...Jarod. I guess it was creative with the water droplets to emphasis "shower"!

Here is another one that I did "back in the day".

I now for the more current pages. I have learned alot in the last 10 years thanks to the internet!

So, there it transition over ten years. I hope you enjoyed my first blog. The rest will be new layouts and projects. I will NOT put you through my "starter" pages ever again!  I promise!