Wednesday, June 22, 2011


You should see the beautiful Pay It Forward gift that I had come in the mail a little while ago. Actually, it was the day before the Canada Post strike started! Anyways, take a look at these images that I got from Cindy's blog:

Isn't it beautiful??!  Now, if you want to be inspired by all the wonderful creations Cindy does you should visit her blog at and become a follower. You won't be dissapointed in all the wonderful things you will see there!

Now, it is my turn to pay it forward. The next five people who comments on this post and states that they would like a pay it forward creation from me will get one! I can't promise that I will get it to you before the summer is over (its a really busy time for me!) and I can't promise you it will be as beautiful as Cindy's creation...but I will try my best! The only thing that I ask is that you pay it forward to someone else in the same way that Cindy and I are doing. Don'r forget to leave your comment and thanks for stopping by!

Love, Patricia

Friday, June 10, 2011

You're so sweet!!!

And you all are! But, the title just so happens to be the sentiment on the card I am about to show you. But first I will let you in on the particulars of the stamps used and why I made this card.

First of all, I made this card for two reasons...number one is for the Unity Challenge, which is called "Tooty Fruity" you have to include fruit into your project. I bet you already got that, right? I tend to explain things out a little too much. My mom tells me that when I was a kid and I would go to the movies I would come home and give her every single detail about the movie. It would take me longer to tell her about it then it would to actually watch it! She didn't mind...she would just say that now she don't have to watch that one! LOL! Anyways! I'm rambling! Back to my reasons!

Reason two is because it is Friday and Friends with Flair time! I have not participated in a long time and I was missing it. I figured I would get back into the game today and ,make something for it.

Now for the stamp sets that I used. I broke out my brand spankin' new {ippity} set that just came out..."New Season, New Wonder". I LOVE it!!! Here is the set:

 Isn't it awesome!! Here is the card that I made using this set:

 Like my friend (and fellow {ippity} chick) Noelle, I LOVE embossing! I fire up my heat gun and sprinkle that lovely powder wherever I can! So, it only seemed right to emboss those lovely cherries to get them looking nice and red. The sentiment came from two sets, the "SWEET" part came from the "New Season, New Wonder" and the You're so" came from the March 2011 Unity Kit of the Month. What an awesome deal those kit of the months are! You get a whole 81/2 X 11sheet of red rubber goodness!!

Now if you like this new {ippity} set you will love the rest! You can check them all out on my sales blog and get all the information on how to get them there as well!

Well, I will be going now. I promise that I will not wait so long to do my next blog post! See ya then!

Love, Patricia

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Looky, Looky!!!

Look what I got!!!!

The new {ippity} stamps are here!!! If you want to get your hands on them you can check them out on my sales blog to see them up close! Also, you will get FREE SHIPPING until next Friday June 17th!! YAY!

Love, Patricia