Saturday, June 16, 2012

31 Days to a Better Photo: Day 1

I found a cool blog on Pinterest today! It is called "Life With My Three Boybarians" and they have a series on there called "31 Days to a Better Photo". 

I have had my Canon T1i SLR for about two years now and I am still not 100% comfortable using it in the manual mode. It something that I need to get used to. Something that I would love to be able to do. 

So, I have read the first day of this series and it posed two questions to think about: When did you realize how much you loved photos? What motivates you to love your images?

My answers to the questions are simple. I have always loved photo's. A camera is something that my family always had...even when times were tough. The first camera that I remember is an old Polaroid that my mom had. My brother and I loved taking pictures with it and waiting for them to appear on that hard black and white square! They weren't the clearest imges, for sure, but they were fun! We also had a 35 mm film camera that my mom used to take pictures of us all the time. I loved to flip through our family albums of pictures taken by various family members, some of them sent to us in the mail. I would always stop and look a little longer at the images that were really crisp, or the images that seemed artistic to me. Most of the time, the ones that caught my eye were of things that you wouldn't normally notice in everyday life. Bridge spans, rocks, things taken at different angles. They all appealed to me. And I think that would be my answer to the second question. I love images that are different than the norm. That's what motivates me. And I love pictures the brings out the beauty in people, animals and everyday life. 

The pictures here were just taken out in my front yard.  A big thanks to my little guy Nicholas and my big girl Daphney (named from the Scooby Doo cartoon!) for being good sports and letting me take their pictures! 

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Love, Patricia 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I finally have decided to do a summer bucket list! Actually, I have decided to do two. One that we can use as a family and one just for me. The second one I am hoping to have filled with relaxing things, crafty stuff, and DIY projects.

I asked the kids to help me with the family bucket list and here is what we came up with so far:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Play at nanny's
  3. Go geocaching
  4. Have a water balloon fight
  5. Go to Riverview (a local place on the river where we swim and have a fire)
  6. Go to mommy's beach (where my families cabin is...I always refer to it as my beach!)
  7. Go to the Insectarium  (this is a place that have live insects as well as a butterfly tent)
  8. Go see the Alpaca's
  9. Go to Corner Brook (a larger town about 2 hrs away)
  10. Go see a movie 
  11. Go bowling
  12. Walk to boardwalk
  13. Go camping
  14. Hike Starlight Mountain
  15. Have a Nerf War 
  16. Go yard sailing
  17. Go on Seadoo's
  18. Make cookies together
  19. See the caves in Corner Book
  20. Go to the Heritage Tree in Deer Lake
  21. Go to Shipwreck Cove
  22. Go to Rose Blanche
  23. Go to Winters Pool
  24. Host a BBQ
Most of the places we want to go to are only short drives from our house. No more than an hour. We are not done with our bucket lists yet. I think I would like to have a rainy day list as well. 

I will post the the rainy day list as well as my bucket list as soon as I get them figured out!! 

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Love, Patricia 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Blog Hop!

Wow! Is it June already??! Its hard to believe that! Soon, my oldest will be finished Grade 4 and will be home for the summer. Then the "fun" begins! The MOM I'M BORED!'s and the CAN WE GO TO THE BEACH?'s and the fighting and the screaming...Is it September yet? LOL!

So, since it is June, WELCOME TO THE IPPITY JUNE RELEASE BLOG HOP! You should have gotten here from Jennifer's bog. If this is your first stop you may want to go on over to Ippity Blog to start off so you don't miss anything!

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On to my project! To tell you the absolute truth, time has been something that has been scarce in my life lately. I'm not complaining, though! I've been getting things done! So, I looked at the new releases to see what I could use quick with the little time I had. I saw the little guy from the "What's Cooking?" set and knew right away I had to use him! So, I colored him, cut him out and stuck him on a cute 6X6 DP to use in my recipe book! I think it turned out pretty good!

If you want to order some Ippity goodness, you can go to the Unity Stamp Co. site and order or you can send me an email at and I will help you get what you need!

Now, hop over to Barbara's blog to see what she has created!

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Love, Patricia