Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow or no snow...that is the question!

So, to say the weather here has been crazy the last few weeks is an understatetment. It has been too warm for snow with the exception of one day. Typical for Newfoundland? Nope! Then the wind and the rain has been hitting us like MAD! My 8-year-olds school was closed for three days in a row due to wind...NUTS! It has been blowing up a storm with 150km/hr last week and 110 km/hr today. It do not seem like Christmas here at all. As much as I am not in love with snow, it would be nice to see some for Christmas. It makes it all the much magical.

My kids have different concerns about Santa's big arrival. Jarod (8) don't thing the sleigh is going to be able to get here without snow. I reminded him of all the places in the world that don't get snow and Santa still visits there. Problem number one solved. Nick (3) is a little harder to convince. He watches his dad in the basement putting wood into our furnace...he is afraid that Santa will come down the chimney and get burned. I reminded him of the movie "The Santa Clause" where Santa magically makes a fireplace in the living room if there is none and he don't go into the furnace. He is not convinced. He wants Santa to come through the front door....so we may have to leave a note or email Santa so he avoids the chimney this year.

Too bad the snow didn't stay...just until Boxong Day anyway. We had so much fun out in the snow!

I also got a little crafty this week and finished Jarod's little gifts to his classmates and teachers. He will give those out tomorrow at his last day of school before the Holidays.

 For some reason this picture would not go in right!! It keeps going sideways!

I am hoping to start making my Christmas cards for next year soon, all because of the Christmas Card Challenge over at Splitcoast Stampers. I didn't have enough cards to go around this year, so hopefully this challenge will help kick my butt!

Anyways, that is the end of this post. I will hopefully be able to make another post before the holidays are gone.

Love, Patricia