Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flowerpots and Silhouette Cameos

Today I want to share with you a gift that I made for my 5 year old's Kindergarten teacher as an "end of the school year" gift.

I started out with a terracotta clay flowerpot from the dollar store.  It actually cost $2...I think the dollar store should soon change its name!

Here are a bunch that I bought:

I then spray painted them a bunch of times with black spray paint, and sealed them with a spray, clear sealer a bunch of times.  It is important to spray them with the paint and sealer both on the inside and out.  This is to make sure they don't soak in water and cause the paint to bubble later

This is where the Silhouette Cameo came into play!  I cut out my son's teachers name (The Young's) in white vinyl and put it on the pot with transfer tape.  I love the outcome and I think I will make one for me too!

Here it is with the rose that my son picked out to go in it! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Patricia


Angie said...

Wow! Patricia, this is amazing! Your pot is so professional! You painted it perfectly and the vinyl decal is stunning!

Paula Laird said...

Such a sweet and well executed gift!

Pamela said...

This is awesome! What a great gift! :)