Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blast From The Past

Hi everybody!! Hows it going on this cold February day? It is not too bad here...cold, but I did catch a glimpse of the sun earlier!

I have a different kind of project for you today. While I was looking at the Jingle Belles blog (an awesome challenge site to get you motivated to get your Christmas cards done) that I found on my friend Candy's blog, I found another challenge blog. This one is called Flashback Friday Challenges and it challenges you to post (or re-post) one of your past projects that is related to a certain theme. This weeks challenge is the first time you used glitter on a project. Most people are re-posting projects that they have placed on their blogs and they are a couple of years old. My blog is too new for that! So, I decided to take a picture of the very first scrapbook page that I made using glitter...that was made way back in 2002! So, here it is!

This was back in the day for sure!! I had to manage with what I could find in our little town and all I had for inspiration was a book on how to scrapbook. Just about no one in my area scrapbooked at that time either so there was no demand for supplies here. Oh! If you can't see the glitter, it is around some of the balloons. I used glitter glue pens from the dollar store! (I think they are still in my stash!! Man! I have to clean that out!)

So, there you have it! My very first project using glitter. I hope you liked it! I know I had fun!

Love, Patricia


Ravengirl said...

Hey, I say, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do when it comes to crafting. You worked with what you had! Great!

Rebekah said...

Oh my, isn't it funny how times change our styles!! Yes, I agree with the above comment...we stretch and grow...we worked with what we had back then! :) TFS!!

~amy~ said...

wooooo hoooooo...I'm so glad that you found the flashback friday fun!!! 2002??!!! Wow!!! Chuckling that you still have the glitter glue pens:) You're like me...I collect, alot. Check out your layout!

Thanks sooo much for playing in Flashback Friday 7.0!!!

lynn said...

adorable flashback! happy weekend!

Amy C said...

So fun to see our first projects, isn't it?? I had to dig into the archives and find my first crafting project with glitter, was one that I hadn't posted to my blog.

When I started out paper crafting (in 2003), all I had was some decorative scissors, cardstock (not the best quality), a couple of stamps and some stickers. I look back and remember fondly of when I got started and know that I never want to re-do those is also fun to see how far I have come.

Thanks for joining us for Flashback Friday 7.0!!

Scrapping Mommy